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Hello, we are Kristjan and Pekko. Two local cyclists and city explorers. Together we founded Touring Tallinn, a small bike tour & rental company. We like to take  tourists and locals to places where they haven’t been before! Our goal is to provide bicycle adventures and share cool stories with bikes. We think that cycling is the best way to explore  new  cities. So just join  our tours and feel Tallinn!

Meet The Team


Kristjan Rohtla

I've studied tourism management and after that worked 7 years in a bike tour company. Making bike tours daily and also managed the tours and created new ones. After that long time i decided to open my own company with Pekko. Now i have a opportunity to share more stories and make the tours exactly like i think they shold be! So hopefully you enjoy my tours! As a hobby i have a small company what produces custom made bikepacking bags.  


Phone: +358 400 330545


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Pekko Hokkanen

I moved to Tallinn with my family about six years ago. Before that I made a long career in Festival and Event business in Finland. During the last years in Finland I started to fix bicycles in my man cave. Quite soon I noticed, I had a small cargo bike and service company and I was spending all my free time with those lovely bikes. 

After moving to Tallinn, cycling in Tallinn has been my main hobby  and I have been really surprised  how beautiful and interesting city it is. I met Kristjan while we worked in same bike shop. And now we are here, having a bike tour and rental company together. I hope Kristjan and I can offer you unforgettable cycling experiences in Tallinn!


Phone: +358 40 0330545


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